Parking Lot Access

Effective this morning and for the next few days access to the Estonian House Parking lot will be limited, due to ongoing construction on Broadview Avenue.

During the periods when the driveway is blocked access to the parking lost is only available by turning west at Pretoria. (This is the street with traffic lights south of Chester Hill and north of Danforth) Proceed West to Cambridge and then turn Right (North) and continue to Chester Hill. This is a one way street. Turn East and then enter the first driveway to the North. This is a narrowdriveway normally used only as an exit from the parking lot. You should take great care in using this driveway as there will also be traffic exiting from the parking lot. Larger vehicles and trucks should not attempt to use this driveway as the turn on to the Estonian House property is very sharp.  

For pedestrian traffic the doors to Estonian House will remain open during  normal operating hours. It is possible that the construction at the end of the driveway will cause some difficulties for access. The north door to the elevator lobby should remain clear at all times.

We will keep you informed of developments and schedules as they become available.