The Estonian House in Toronto Limited was established in 1952 to promote the educational, benevolent, fraternal, charitable, social, cultural, and recreational interests of persons of Estonian origin living in the Greater Toronto Area. All income derived from events are used to support the Estonian community and the maintenance and operations of the house. 


General Manager: Ingrid Laar

Maintenance Manager: Roul Martjak

Financial Manager: Tõnu Orav

Custodian: Matti Temiseva

Assistant: Leena Temisevä

Board of Directors

Veiko Parming, Chair
Raivo Remmel, Vice-Chair

Laas Hess
Glen Leis
Robert Kubar
Rein Kuris
Eric Sehr
Blake Royer
Urve Tamberg
Markus Viirland
Peter Viitre